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CCTV Systems

Is it time to increase your security? Phoenix Security will install, repair or maintain any CCTV system to the highest UK standards and in cooperation with new GDPR rules and regulations. Don’t fall foul of the new rules and get the professional help needed today to maintain your security systems safely, securely and reliably.

CCTV systems prove themselves as the best investment as soon as installation is complete. Full view of your premises, real-time recording and remote online access by yourself or a trusted individual lowers risk and can help prevent costly incidents such as burglary, theft and vandalism. Contact Phoenix Security today and we can arrange a free survey on any commercial, industrial or domestic home property.


Intruder Alarms

Get your property protected today with a modern intruder alarm system. Choose between audible alerts which sound a siren if triggered, or monitored systems which can send a message to your phone or contact the police. We also have the option of monitoring via a mobile app which can notify you of an intrusion and allows the burglar alarm system to be controlled remotely.

The average home or business has a lot of valuable items inside. These days there is plenty of stuff worth taking, including jewellery, mobile phones, computers, televisions, games consoles, stereos and cinema-systems. On top of this, car thieves often break into a property in order to keys and then take a vehicle. Make sure your intruder alarm is up to scratch and contact us today for a free security survey.

Step it up with Access Control

Access Control is simply an electronic means of restricting access to a secure area, such as a room or an entrance to a building. This is useful for both domestic and commercial purposes as it can provide a remote way of allowing access, either through an app, smart card, fob or facial recognition systems. They can also be linked in to our modern CCTV systems & Intruder Alarms to create a complete security solution, tailored to your needs.

For example, a business may require a restricted room to store confidential records or servers, and it may be necessary to limit access to that room. In a domestic setting it can be used to securely gain entry without a key, facilitate acceptance of deliveries when not at home or allowing access to relatives or friends while you are away.

Get in touch now for a free security survey and let us prove to you that our quality and knowledge is above the rest.